Leave Room To Be Surprised

photo via  designlovefest.com  

photo via designlovefest.com 

It's true that bad things happen. That life can be hard and confusing. But I'm learning that we can't be defined by our misfortunes (or circumstances for that matter). That we have to leave room to be surprised. 

There are too many instances where we get caught up in the bad from the past and become stuck. We have to be better then those limiting thoughts. We have to give ourselves permission to hold our life to a higher standard and stop attracting shit. We have to, at the very least, leave room to be surprised. 

What are the surprises we’re leaving room for? It’s those little unexpected moments, opportunities, and serendipities that fall into our day. It’s that promotion you’ve been working for or that new friend you’ve been needing. It’s when those stretch goals you’ve set out to accomplish are crossed off your list. It’s when the tide shifts in your favor. It’s when the universe meets the needs you were brave enough to ask for. 

There are high's and there are low's but I'm challenging myself to push through the low's faster and expect the high's to be abundant.The easiest ways to combat those low's, those misfortunes, is to let them go. Too many days I've spent offended or let down, annoyed or bored. I'm learning to let those feelings fall quickly and then give myself some peace by expecting to be surprised. 

I give myself that peace. I don't wait for some one else to give it to me. That's too much responsibility to put on someone else and I would like that peace now in my own terms.

Once you’ve given yourself that peace and decide to stop attracting shit, your life makes room for the good. When you let go of your defenses and give yourself what you need, your life takes note. I'm learning that the surprises are there when you start to clear your life from the baggage of your misfortunes. Like a good Spring cleaning, your throw out the bad and make room for surprises.