then it was 2016

I love a new year. I love the excitement it creates, the ideas it generates and the hope that’s thick in the air. I love how everyone simultaneously steps up their game and gives their dreams another shot. And I love the opportunity it brings to reflect and release. 

I’m especially hopeful for this year. It feels a little magical, a little mysterious and a little like anything is possible. Maybe it’s because I turn 30 this year. An age I decided a long time ago (maybe even before I realized I did) would be big for me. Maybe it’s because I rang in this new year with a second little, only days old, and with her new life there are so many possibilities. And maybe it’s because I’m so over all the bullshit that I feel fearless and ready for big things. 

Something I know for sure is that in order to move forward we have to do the work. I happen to be the high priestess of procrastination and have been avoiding actively doing this work since I discovered I had work to do. (Also, here’s a hint, we all have work to do). So I have to find ways to trick myself into doing it and create excitement for myself. One of the ways I’m doing that this year is writing. The second thing is investing in some tools to help me along. The perfect planner, the best podcasts and a long reading list all help, but my favorite investment so far has been the Powersheets. Just taking a little time (and with two babies it’s very little time) to think of my goals, break them down and write them out is so cathartic and gives me energy to act. 

Even 20 days into the year I hope that everything still feels new and hopeful and like anything could happen. I hope we keep up the energy to move forward and do less dreaming and more acting.

I’m working on two other posts for this week - I’ll tell you about my word for the year, Relationships and talk about my first month having two littles under two. Here’s to 2016! 

(Also, sorry for the lack of image. I gotta get better at that too.)

from, vck