thankful - thanksgiving 2015

photo by Sylivia McKay of

photo by Sylivia McKay of

My family has seen many types Thanksgivings. Full tables, with a house bursting at the seams, loud conversation with an emphasis on jokes, soft conversation with an emphasis on criticism. Plates upon plates of food - traditional stuffing and mashed potatoes with Mexican tinga and orange rice served side by side. Solemn Thanksgivings with much less family sitting together, if not at the table at least in the same room, pulling together what we can to celebrate. Thanksgivings where I couldn't be bothered to make a short trip to visit my family and simply worked and spent time with Mr. Jeremy. And now these new Thanksgivings where I have my own littles to run after and keep track of, only kinda ever playing hostess. 

I'm thankful for all of them. Each version showing me a new way to be thankful. A loud and full Thanksgiving reminds me to be thankful to connect with a family I often feel disconnected from. It reminds me to be thankful for the common threads we share. And that if you look closely you can find a common thread with any person. 

A quiet and simple Thanksgiving reminds me to be thankful for the simple things. To embrace the simplicity of just being family and to ignore the dramatics of a Pinterest-looking gathering. 

These new Thanksgivings remind me to be thankful for being a wife and a mother. I haven't been both for long and the thankfulness keeps coming. If you want a crash-course in how to be thankful become a mom, talk to your mom, talk to any mom. We have no choice but to be thankful. 

Though it may sometimes feel indulgent to just sit down and reflect and share how thankful you are. (I've mocked the #soblessed myself). It isn't. It's one of the easiest and deepest gifts you can give yourself, to be thankful. It recharges you and enables you to send out good energy into the universe, which you will only receive back. Think about the love you would feel if you sat down at your dinner table to share, honestly and openly, what you were truly thankful for. It isn't cheesy or weird or touchy-feely or any of those jerk things your asshole uncle would say. It's real. And you should try it. And I should try it more. 


A short-list of what I'm thankful for:

  • Mr. Jeremy cooking dinner every night for the last 9 months (or has it been 16 months). And his repeated response to all my crazy ideas - yah, you should go do that
  • Jackson. His presence in my every day, his toothy grin, and him learning how to do ojitos
  • Our little lady and her already vivacious attitude. I will also be thankful for her cooking a few more weeks. 
  • My body for being strong and brave enough to grow and protect our little lady. 
  • My mom and my sisters for their endless help and sharing the same haircut. 
  • My cute little house in the way out there burbs, which welcomes home this city girl everyday. 
  • My job that I love (but can't wait to take a break from) and the little group of people that provide safe harbor to talk shit with via a 24/7 group chat. 
  • The opportunity to start and write in this blog and finally share all the things that float in my head.