I've never felt like a child, or I should say, I don't remember ever being a child. I remember being young and inexperienced and hungry for something more, but I don't remember being naive, carefree or afraid of adults. I have always felt 30. I am currently 29 and it's hard for me to explain the rush I feel when I know that the count down is on for me to finally be what I have felt all along, 30. Which is why I'm sharing these stories. 

I have so many thoughts and questions and lessons that I simultaneously want to share in hopes that you'll learn from them and that you will help answer my questions. My perspective is different, in by which I mean I haven't been able to find much of it around me - A Mexican-American woman, who is a mother, a wife, a professional, who thinks she can do it all and usually doesn't give a shit about what you think about that. I also swear quite a bit, but only for emphasis. 

I have a one year old son, who is teaching me about curiosity and discovery and what it's like to be carefree. Jackson brightens my days, reels me in, provides me with perspective and shows me what love really is. I am currently cooking baby #2, who should be here before the end of the year. She is making me a feminist in all the ways I've constantly fought. I want to be strong and intelligent and outspoken for her. I am married to the most amazing Mr. Jeremy. He reminds me to be kind and have fun and not take things so seriously. I'll tell you about how he got his nickname one day. I am the oldest of 5 children and a part of a loud, outspoken and highly-dramatic Mexican family. They've provided me with enough content to fill this blog until the end of time. I am fiercely passionate about my career and currently love my job. It's really just a big social experiment where I've learned more about human behavior then I thought possible. 

Here's what I hope to help you with as you read through these stories - That there isn't much to be afraid of in life. That there is no reason to take yourself too seriously. That nothing is really that big of a deal and you should probably calm the fuck down. That it's more fun to do the work then to sit around and wait for life to happen to you. That our thoughts control our outcomes. That there are no rules. That we are all connected. That woman are stronger then they usually know and if we all untapped our power this world would be a far different place. 

Shall we?

(photograph above by the lovely Sylvia Mackey of http://www.thisgirlsylvia.com/)